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Jan 12, 2021
 » Crisis Management Planning A link will be emailed once registeredCrisis Management Planning Webinar: Crisis planning,the importance of a crisis plan and how to develop a crisis plan. Revising and Restructuring your business to deal with uncertainty,revising your business strategy,reconsidering your operating manual (products, price, and promotion)and restructuring your organizational structure.
Jan 14, 2021
 » SCAR - QuickBooks DesktopA link will be emailed once registeredSupport for Covid Adaptability & Recovery(SCAR) QuickBooks Desktop webinar; Getting Started, Starting QuickBooks Setting Up a Company Working with Lists, Creating Company Lists Receiving Inventory, Paying for Inventory Creating Product Invoices Invoicing for Services Processing Payments Working with Bank Accounts Entering and Paying Bills Once you are registered we will email you the link to attend.
Jan 26, 2021
 » SCAR - Mental Health Webinar A link will be emailed once registeredMental health webinar; o Adjusting to and coping with change and uncertainty o Learning how to be optimistic
Jan 28, 2021
 » SCAR - MS 365 Office with SkypeA link will be emailed once registeredMicrosoft Office 365 Online (with Skype for Business) training Course outline: Getting started Collaborating with Shared Files Using Productivity Apps Using Outlook on the Web Communication with Skype for Business Using Skype for Business Meetings